Novell Stone coated metal roofing tile is an elegant light weight yet strong roofing system for homes and complexes, with distinct features that give dimensional effects, built to withstand any type of weather condition from severe to harsh conditions, strong wind, fire and heavy rain. Novell range of stone coated roofing systems blend naturally with the environment. Novell has a variety of colours that suits your colour preference for your ideal roof and comes with a 50-years warranty.


Gives a classic, elegant and romantic Mediterranean style stone coated steel roof, creating the concept of a noble stone coated steel roof, distinguishing it from ordinary roofing tiles. Novell Roman comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Novell Roman allows you to design or re-roof without having to structurally re-inforce your home.

The Novell Shingle is a delight to behold; it adds a blend of elegance and unique appeal to stylish homes with its outstanding appearance to give a masterpiece effect. The Novell shingle has the strength of steel and an outlook that blend naturally with any surrounding environment. It comes with a double sided overlapping feature that fits perfectly to make installation easier and avoid wastage of material. Installation can be with or without Batten. The Novell Shingle comes in an array of rich colours to match your preference for an ideal roof.

designed and manufactured to withstand all kind of severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, fire and strong wind. The Novell Bond tiles are designed to overlap and interlock into a horizontal fix system, creating a robust roof structure of superior strength and the granulated stone chips on the surface provide beauty and additional weather protection to your roof. Good value for investment.

The Novell Classic is a dynamic tile that can be cut, bent and shaped to meet most demanding roof design. The Novell Classic tiles have the look and feel of heavy tile without the weight. It is wide and covers a large area. The core strength is Galvalume steel (Al-Zn Alloy) which provides long term corrosion resistance.

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Novell stone coated roofing tiles are about 1/6 weight of traditional clay or cement tile. Gives you good value for money as you save cost from logistics and on extra structural support.

Give your home a new and superior look when you choose from any of our Novell range of stone coated roofing tiles.

Novell is registered to ISO 9001 which is the quality management system standard, designed to meet the rapidly ever changing demand of the 21st century

We want to be known by our customers as the best roofing provider, be their preferred roofing expert, add value and help take their properties to a higher level of elegance and comfort, which is best for them, for us and best for our world.

Choose from our array of colours to suit your preference. The colour scheme blends in naturally to

built to withstand most severe and extremely hot & cold temperature, fire, strong wind and heavy rain. The Novell brand have Galvalume steel (Al-Zn Alloy) which also have a protective corrosive resistant coating to enhance durability with the compliment of stone chips which are also embedded for extra layers of protection.