About Us

Since our establishment in 1985, Bozac Industries has been one of the most reliable and respectable roofing company in Nigeria. Our goal is to make Bozac industries a success through the eyes of our people by delivering state of the art Aluminum coils and roofing systems designed for every household and commercial business in Nigeria and Africa. Our services are second to none and are anchored on our highly skilled professionals who leverage on our history, integrity and desire to give our clients the best they deserve.

We are not only one of the major distributors of Stone coated roofing systems from New Zealand, we also have our key brands of stone coated tiles from Canada and South Korea. More so, we supply different types and colours of Aluminum coils ranging from embossed, engraved, corrugated, plain and stainless steel coils. We have a growing network of distributor supply chains that is made up of 15 major key distributors each with network that spans from within Lagos to outside Nigeria and 64 Zonal territorial market outlets across the six geographical regions in Nigeria- Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Aba, P/Harcourt and Maiduguri . Our roofing system comes with over 40 years warranty, manufactured under satisfied and certified HSE standards and environmental friendly conditions. While our distribution and supply chain network for aluminum products is made up of over 40 distributors across Nigeria. .

Our distribution and supply chain network is made up of over 80 aluminum products manufacturing industries and distributors across Nigeria, not letting out roofing system which carries over 40years warranty manufactured under satisfied and certified HSE standards and environmental friendly conditions

Dear Esteemed Partner,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you with our world class roofing technology. We are confident of our offers to you; knowing we are adding an esteemed patron to our growing portfolio of high value Clientele. At Bozac Aluminum we work with the philosophy that our Customers are at the centre of everything we do and through every service, we add new accomplishment to you daily. It is our quest to beautify every edifice with elegance, perfection and quality roofing technology. We would not relent on our laurels but keep exploring and re-discovering innovative ways to add more beauty to every ambiance, by redefining our landscape and giving you the very best value for your investment. Our core strategy has always been to keep abreast with technological advancement and ensuring safe and clean environment. Our inclination for technology and our passion for innovation are the strengths for our success, which results in high quality products that are absolutely world class. Be assured that with Bozac brands of roofing system you will always be impressed by uniqueness, creativity, style, design, innovation and our first class Customer service.

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To continually strive to offer our customers superior roofing solutions & technolgy.

To be Africa’s most respected roofing brand.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Novell and Roser brands of stone coated roofing tiles are about 1/6 weight of traditional clay or cement tile. They give you good value for your money as you save cost from logistics and on extra structural support.

Give your home a new and superior look when you choose from any of our Novell range of stone coated roofing tiles.

Novell is registered to ISO 9001 which is the quality management system standard, designed to meet the rapidly ever changing demand of the 21st century

Choose from our array of colours to suit your preference. The colour scheme blends in naturally.

Novell stone coated roofing tiles are very dynamic and versatile, designed to meet your aesthetic need, can achieve angles from as low as 12 degree pitch to a 90 degree angle pitch.

built to withstand most severe and extremely hot & cold temperature, fire, strong wind and heavy rain. The Novell brand have Galvalume steel (Al-Zn Alloy) which also have a protective corrosive resistant coating to enhance durability with the compliment of stone chips which are also embedded for extra layers of protection.